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Are the benefits and upgrades of Azure always obvious? New Signature’s FREE Cloud Management Portal will ensure that they are

New Signature Cloud Management Portal

Introducing the FREE New Signature Cloud Management Portal

The benefits and advantages of using the Cloud are not lost on you. Having conducted your research and reached the conclusion that leveraging Microsoft Azure will provide you with the biggest upside, you are likely already experiencing immediate benefits from the upgrade that you have made from your former on-premises infrastructure. Yet, are these benefits and upgrades always obvious? New Signature’s Cloud Management Portal will ensure that they are. And the best part is, this additional upgrade is absolutely FREE.

As Azure’s resources grow and with that so does your consumption, being able to keep track that consumption has increasingly become more difficult. Azure’s ease of scalability and its pay-as-you-go model contributes in making it such an attractive platform. Yet, if it is blurred when seeing if and how you are making savings and improvements then it understandably begins to become less appealing.

Effective cloud cost management requires not only knowing what you spend on compute, storage, and networking, but also where you are spending it and who is spending it. Having clarity in the presentation of data is fundamental to understanding its worth – especially when an overwhelming cost is involved. While the Azure portal provides detailed usage spreadsheets, the attention to detail is often both unwelcome and difficult to comprehend. Searching for ways and methods to organise and manage the numerous rows of data in your Azure spreadsheets is neither efficient nor conducive.

Our Solution

At New Signature, we are focused on consistently delivering great client experiences. Our Cloud Management Portal (CMP) for Microsoft Azure is your FREE central application that will help you harness all the intelligence that Azure brings to your table. Your account with CMP will enable you to streamline all the pieces of Microsoft Azure including cost, trends, data, and includes the new RightSizing feature to optimise CMP usage based on previous months. And everything is brought to you in a self-service dashboard, freeing up your time and money to focus on what is most important—your business.

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“Tracking and managing costs for Enterprise customers in Microsoft Azure has been very challenging. We explored many solutions, but none have come close to the accuracy, reliability and ease of use as New Signature’s Cloud Management Portal for Microsoft Azure.  I recommend this solution to all EA Azure users, it’s greatly improved the visibility and efficiency of our cloud cost management.”
Phil Britton, DAC Group

While the CMP contains extensive data sheets that are virtually impossible to manage manually, learning to leverage the intelligence of the CMP is simple. And by taking advantage of the potential of the CMP with your Azure data, you can:

  • Receive comprehensive reports and alerts.
  • Identify patterns of growth and seasonality of usage.
  • Eliminate wasteful spending with the new RightSizing feature via alerts.
  • Easily analyse and report on showback and chargeback for lines of business, products, clients, teams, departments, and projects.

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