Harpercollins head

Dot Net Solutions, Microsoft’s UK Partner of the Year 2014 supports global publishing company HarperCollins migration to the cloud.


Dot Net

Dot Net (now New Signature), as Microsoft’s UK Partner of the Year 2014, have proven capability and are highly accredited for both Microsoft Azure and Office 365. Dot Net pride themselves on high performance implementation delivery projects and steadfast managed services. Their transformational services are a new way to think about Information Technology and are the future of Cloud managed services. Dot Net are uniquely placed with their Cloud Managed Platform to assess, migrate and manage for a smooth journey to the Cloud.



HarperCollins is a global publishing company with a nearly 200 year heritage and is part of the News Corporation Group. HarperCollins is an innovative company being one of the first trade publishers to digitise their content. They have offices in Australia, Canada, China, India, the US, as well as the UK and achieve global revenues of over $1 billion every year. HarperCollins has approximately 850 employees in the UK alone.


The Challenge

HarperCollins UK had a requirement for additional data centre capacity as a result of the need to move their corporate headquarters towards the end of 2014. There was also a deliberate strategic move towards the consumption of IT services from the public cloud to help reduce operating costs and to provide a flexible and scalable environment for their future needs.


The Solution

Dot Net was introduced to HarperCollins to help plan and deliver proof of concepts across some key workloads and help identify candidates for migration to Azure.Dot Net has been engaged with HarperCollins since December 2013 and have helped them to successfully pilot a number of key applications and services in Azure. Dot Net are now in a phase of building out production workloads with HarperCollins teams with a view to making Azure the primary hosting environment for some of these key applications.


The Overview

“Dot Net partnered with us to provide technical expertise that accelerated our deployment of systems into the Cloud. Together we have set up a base architecture covering networking and user directory services, as well as delivery of core services such as our paper, print and bind ordering application. With the rapidly evolving nature of Cloud, there have been twists and turns on our journey and I am pleased to say Dot Net have proved to be flexible and accommodating throughout.”


Jay Hunter, Head of Infrastructure and Enterprise Operations, News Corp Europe.