About Us

At New Signature (formerly Dot Net Solutions), we are focused on consistently delivering great customer experiences. We help organisations transform their business with full-service Microsoft solutions and we are passionate about driving transformational results in every interaction.

Our Story

Dot Net began its journey in 2004 as a specialist application development partner, focused on the .NET platform. In 2012 Dot Net’s founder, Dan Scarfe, decided to expand the capabilities of the organisation to include all of Microsoft’s cloud and mobile offerings, delivering services to medium and large enterprises. In order to facilitate this, he partnered with Paul Cosgrave to employ a senior management team and search for funding to execute the vision. A round of private equity funding was completed in May 2013 and Paul Cosgrave become Managing Director. The company grew from strength to strength and, in 2014, Dot Net went on to achieve the prestigious accolade of Microsoft’s UK Partner of the Year.

In May 2016, Dot Net joined New Signature – the 2014 & 2015 Microsoft US Partner of the Year. Under the New Signature name, the UK organisation will look to acquire like-minded complementary Microsoft partners to further expand New Signature’s UK footprint and continue to deliver transformative business solutions to clients across all industries and segments.

In the UK, New Signature brings over twelve years of experience delivering solutions on the Microsoft platform and over seven years’ experience leveraging Microsoft Cloud. We bring a wealth of knowledge and a range of repeatable solutions.

Our unique Cloud Managed Platform is a turnkey solution to help you assess, migrate and then manage your workloads and infrastructure in the Cloud. Our application development team helps you build next generation business and consumer experiences across mobile, tablet and the web.

New Signature’s core values shape the way we do business and drive our company’s success. They are the underpinning of culture and are the guiding principles for the way we work, the projects we pursue and the interactions we have with everyone.


We are passionate about our values as a company and these are baked in to our culture.

We obsess about professional integrity, client centricity, generosity and innovation.

Vision & Mission

Transform your tomorrow.

As a trusted advisor with a passion for service, we enable our customers to benefit from transformational technologies.

Head in the cloud

Leading a new generation of Microsoft services providers delivering reduced infrastructure costs and increased efficiency for businesses means our heads are definitely in the Cloud. However, we haven’t forgotten the world around us. We support The Manna Society, a local day centre which provides breakfast, lunch, showers, housing and welfare advice and education and training. The service not only provides the homeless with food and shelter, but with opportunities to develop and build a future.