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Cloud Managed Platform

Many organisations understand the concepts of cloud technology but may not have the expertise or new business model necessary for change. The problem for many is clear; that the demand to respond to business change often outstrips the ability for IT to manage the increase in complexity that results.The move to the cloud and market driven supply of business capabilities is perhaps the most exciting transition, starting to solve some of the major limitations faced with a traditional approach to IT. The result of new cloud capabilities is a rethinking of the enterprise itself and raises key questions.

New Signature’s Cloud Managed Platform addresses these challenges. It offers end to end solutions to help you migrate your existing estate to the cloud and then deliver it back as a managed service. The proven methodology enables assessment, migration and management of your applications to ensure a smooth journey in the cloud. It provides a business, technical, financial and governance model for change. In addition, our technology assets put the power of management back into the hands of business. The Cloud Managed Platform from New Signature represents a model for technology driven business change combining the right mix of on-premises IT with low-cost, flexible, cloud-based equivalents.

While the value of CMP is in its inherent approach in the application of technology, it is enhanced by partnerships with complementary capabilities which enable it to address the market need more closely and so make it uniquely competitive.


New Signature’s Cloud Readiness Assessment can provide your first glimpse in to the cloud. We can discuss in overall terms what the cloud can do for you, with high-level implementation plans and costs. As a next step New Signature can then undertake deeper analysis of the following workloads:

Messaging, productivity and collaboration
Core IT hosting services
Application development and migration
Public website hosting and migration
Identity and Single sign on
Cloud storage


Moving to the Cloud is a big step. The key to a successful migration is a staged, planned project. Building on the discussions and designs generated during the assess phase, we will work with you to identify dependencies, performance requirements and change processes. Applications and services will be divided up and prioritised. Some applications and services may remain on premises, some moved to traditional hosted private-Cloud environments and some moved into the public Cloud. As part of the migration, we can advise on applications which should be moved as-is to a more traditional infrastructure-as-a-service environment, whilst helping migrate others to a more modern platform-as-a-service environment. Email, messaging and collaboration services will be migrated to Office 365.

Using a structured methodology, migration will begin piece by piece, governed via an overall change management program. The time to undertake this move varies, but our experts can quickly give a high-level estimate.

As part of the migration, we will deploy advanced monitoring and instrumentation to allow the solutions to be managed going forwards.


Once your infrastructure has been migrated to the Cloud, you need a next-generation managed services provider to manage it for you. New Signature is one of only a handful of organisations able to offer this service to market. Our managed services platform offers complete end-to-end management of your complete infrastructure across on premises, private Cloud and public Cloud. Using Microsoft System Centre we offer centralised monitoring, pro-active maintenance and patching, incident management and overall management of your environment.

Along with managing any assets you retain, we provide a direct link in to Microsoft, managing any issues or incidents which arise on your behalf. This end-to-end support offering provides you with peace of mind that your infrastructure and services will always be up and available for your users.


Messaging and Collaboration

Office 365 is a game-changing productivity platform, combining the Office software users know and love with enterprise Cloud services. It comprises Microsoft Exchange, Skype for Business, Yammer and OneDrive with new technologies such as Delve joining the Office 365 portfolio all the time. Exchange Online, whether on Exchange Online only or Enterprise plans, offers shared calendars and contacts along with web and device based access. OneDrive offers file storage and syncing across devices. Skype for Business offers unified messaging, voice, web conferencing and presence. These are all complemented with enterprise enhancements such as encryption, compliance hold and archiving. New Signature offers a full migration service to Microsoft Office 365. This includes migration to Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. At a high level this process is formed of four steps:

Core infrastructure

New Signature can help organisations migrate core infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. Our structured engagement process starts by identifying all of the apps and services on the internal network. These are categorised and prioritised and then migrated.

Application Development

Custom applications, websites and line of business systems can form a vital part of an enterprise IT estate. Whilst many business challenges can be solved using off-the-shelf solutions, for a lot organisations there is significant competitive advantage in building and owning your own intellectual property. New Signature has a wealth of experience building bespoke applications using Microsoft’s .NET development framework. Whether you are looking to build a website, mobile or tablet app, integrating back-end systems, creating data-driven experiences, harnessing the power of machine learning or anything else which requires seriously smart programming, New Signature can help.

Our structured application development methodology, Agile+, delivers functionality quickly whilst providing the ability to respond to rapidly changing business requirements. We use Cloud-based application lifecycle management systems which provide automated deployment and the ability to visualise and track progress throughout the project. Once your solution is live, we can support and deliver it as a managed service, ensuring it does not place any additional burden on your internal teams.

If you want to get ahead of your competition, providing state-of-the-art Cloud-based software applications which place technology at the heart of what your business does, we can help.

Internet Of Things

The importance of data gathering across your business has never been more critical. New Signature can help enable organisations to unlock the power of this data, by giving you the ability to ingest large volumes from internet connected devices and store it securely in the cloud. The process does not stop at data collection; by using streaming and predictive analytics we can help you expose key data trends and turn insights into actionable intelligence for the future.

New Signature has a wealth of experience in helping organisations capture, store and analyse data which might not have been captured in the past. Using the Azure IoT Hub we can quickly produce applications which not only gather data, but manage and protect endpoints. Using PowerBI, we can also analyse it and present it in a form which makes it actionable. Whether you are simply looking to dip your toe via a proof of concept or are ready to move straight into production scenarios, New Signature’s experience in the field of IoT and the Azure cloud platform can help unlock new data to deliver real business benefits.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation covers two important parts of your business; how you can take advantage of opportunities to deliver growth and efficiencies through innovative products and services; and how you can defend against threats to profitability by making your employees more efficient and effective at work. The rate of transformation being driven by digital technologies across all industries is significant and accelerating. In today’s hyper-competitive world, having the ability to evolve is vital to success. New Signature can help you harness the power of technology within your own business, working with you to discover fresh ways to innovate or improve processes and services.

Employees are becoming increasingly accustomed to the ease with which they can work in their personal lives using consumer Cloud-based services. These same individuals are now demanding similar flexible solutions at work. Using the power of Cloud-based productivity tools you can get information and access to services into the hands of your staff, wherever they are and whatever device they are using, delivering measurable reduction in the cost of doing business.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

With IT systems at the core of any organisation, disaster recovery is vital. How long could your organisation function for if your staff were unable to work? Whilst the risks are high, correctly implementing a disaster recovery plan can be prohibitively expensive. For those with it in place, many have not fully tested it and some have discovered, that when it has been invoked, it does not work properly and systems do not come back up as planned.

Using the Cloud for disaster recovery can be incredibly appealing. Paying for a disaster recovery environment to be available 24/7, when you hope to never even need to use it, makes little sense. By leveraging the Cloud you can take advantage of incremental, pay as you use facilities with zero up front costs. Rather than paying all day every day, you only pay in the unlikely event you actually need to use it.

New Signature can implement a Cloud-based backup and disaster recovery leveraging Azure Vault and Azure Site Recovery and get you up and going in no time at all.

Cloud Storage

Storage requirements continue to grow year-on-year at an exponential rate. Storage is a significant challenge within any organisation and it’s getting more and more difficult to keep up with the rate at which data is being produced. Whilst new data continues to be generated at speed, users still require access to historical data. Many organisations also have stringent requirements on archiving data. Harnessing the Cloud can be a solution to this challenge. With solutions such as StorSimple coupled to Azure, you can gain the benefit of low-cost Cloud storage, without sacrificing performance. The next generation cloud-integrated-storage solutions store frequently accessed data on premises, with historic data automatically archived and backed-up to the Cloud.

If storage is a challenge for your organisation, New Signature can help.


Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute lets you extend your on-premises networks into the Microsoft Cloud over a dedicated private connection facilitated by a connectivity provider. With ExpressRoute, you can establish connections to Microsoft Cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and CRM Online. Connectivity can be from an any-to-any (IP VPN) network, a point-to-point Ethernet network, or a virtual cross-connection through a connectivity provider at a co-location facility.

ExpressRoute is perfect for scenarios like storage, backup or disaster recovery. You can move large amounts of data, for example for dev-test or high-performance computing scenarios. Thanks to high-throughput and fast latencies, connecting to Microsoft’s Cloud platform will feel like a natural extension to your datacentre. Using ExpressRoute, you can build applications that span on-premises infrastructure and Azure without compromising security or performance. New Signature can work with you to plan, build and operate the key IT scenarios that benefit your business.