OMS: An Overview of Log Analytics

Learn from one of New Signature's Solution Architects, Hugo Fragoso, about Log Analytics: a service in Microsoft Operations Management Suite.
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Why your business should adopt an IoT strategy

MIT professors described a world where “things” (devices or sensors) connect and share data. Learn more about this IoT world.
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Do you struggle to manage your Azure subscriptions?

Introducing the FREE New Signature Cloud Management Portal The benefits and advantages of using the Cloud are not lost on.
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Dot Net Solutions join the New Signature brand

Dot Net Solutions has officially joined the 2014 & 2015 Microsoft US Partner of the Year to become New Signature.
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Who Stands out in the IaaS Space?

Infrastructure as a Service is one of three main areas in the cloud computing stack. Yet, who leads the space.
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Safeguarding mobile security while keeping employees happy

Organisations strive to meet the requirements of their staff, can it be at the expense of data and mobile security.
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Dot Net Solutions Secures Funding from New Signature Backed by Columbia Capital’s $35M Investment

Dot Net Solutions, the Microsoft UK Partner of the Year 2014, has secured an initial funding commitment from New Signature.
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What does IT downtime cost your business?

As disasters are through technical issues rather than natural occurrences, it's becoming important for companies to invest in disaster recovery.
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Top 5 ways Office 365 connects me to my colleagues and company

Companies are getting ahead by embracing the Office 365 suite, entering into the new world of increased productivity and collaboration.
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EMS – Enabling and Protecting the Mobile Workforce

As workforces are becoming more and more mobile, find out how the Enterprise Mobility Suite enables and protects the workforce.
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Firebrand discuss; Why migrate to Microsoft Azure and Office 365?

With applications and workloads now being delivered through Azure and Office 365, Firebrand discuss reasons to migrate to the cloud.
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The rise and rise of mobile commerce – what does it mean for IT?

For many people the dividing line between work and personal computing has become blurred. Yet, how will this affect IT?.
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Cloud Computing is the New Black

The cloud is far more than the latest trend and those adopting it are finding their business processes completely transformed.
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Microsoft’s Enterprise Cloud Suite Infographic

Read New Signature's infographic on Microsoft's Enterprise Cloud Suite including interesting statistics on remote working, digital threats, productivity and collaboration.
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